Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja, 2020


  • 25cm x 20cm x 2cm
  • 2020
  • Book
  • Catalog No: n/a
  • 'Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja' is not a typical biography. Rather, it invites the reader to explore an alternative worldview, a different way of being in Country. Yorna (Donny) enhances the reader's appreciation of the so-called natural world, his relationships with it and the beings that inhabit it with him and his community. He explains his own personal interaction and relationship with the Wandjina images and his responsibilities to refresh and care for the Wandjina and Country to ensure the continuity of his people and Culture. The result is a transformative experience for the reader - an intimate and privileged insight into his life, his Culture and his Country.
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  • Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre