Yakarn (Moon) Dreaming, 2020


  • 60cm x 90cm x cm
  • 2020
  • Acrylic paint on 14oz canvas
  • Catalog No: 192/20
  • Yakarn (Moon) Dreaming. This is my totem and what my mother told me. Two dingos started travelling, chasing the emu. Chase him all the way down. Blue ones are the lake and Lake stretch in Bililuna. I was born there. Lake Gregory (Barragu, Mussels in that water) Sturt River (Myarra, strong Camel). Moon was directing the emu telling him the right way to go. Moon gave up and went up in the sky, emu was killed and creek formed. The moon travelled from the east, he saw down below that the two dingoes were chasing an emu. The moon felt sorry for the emu, so he decided to help the emu. He called out to the emu and gave directions to keep him away from the two dingoes who were chasing him. The moon lead the emu to Lake Stretch, where finally the dingoes caught up to the emu. The emu struggled to run away, but the dingoes were eager to kill the emu, so they killed it. The dingoes fought over the emu as to who was going to eat it. Finally they both ate it. After that the moon dropped murungkut (little men) along the way. This is how Lake Stretch was formed. The little people murrungurr (Dwarfes - horse shoe shapes) turn into big people and look after you. I had a little person used to sit on the end of my bed when I was little girl. longtime ago when the moon was travelling in the sky, its was Carrying all the little peoples we call them murrungurr and dropping them off Along the Sturt river And to Bililuna Community Yellow ones are claypans. On the side are sand hills. Colors are flowers after the rains. Spinafex yellow one.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Mangkaja Arts