Water Bottles – Bardi Grubs, 2020


  • 27cm x 7cm x cm
  • 2020
  • Water bottles with original designs by artists
  • Catalog No: WB-LP-Bardi
  • Please choose your design when purchasing this product. Our Water bottles now come in eight designs, a lightweight 900ml (1-2 extra cups more than most handbag size options), and are fully recycleable themselves. They look fantastic full of of small Easter eggs or wrapped chocolates for Easter, fit easily in the fridge door, and even make canisters in the pantry for dry goods like rice, pasta, lentils. We have water bottles sold 1 year ago at the start of lock down for cheer up presents, bush walks, and workplace hydration. They are still going strong in hospitals, mango plantations (tough!), caravans with mini pantry spaces, down the beach kitesurfing and about to go round the paddock  a second time on a few farms ready for seeding. $30 each, free postage on orders of two or more. Women Gathering (milky green) from Original Print by Colleen Drage Turtle, (green), from original print by Mauretta Drage Skywalk Two Message Sticks Forrest (photo), From original welded designs on Message Stick Poles  by Colleen and Mauretta Drage Rock Holes (rust/red), from original print by Mauretta Drage Desert Pea (violet), from original painting by Leanne Peck Bardi Grubs (red-brown), from original print by Leanne Peck River (yellow), from original painting by Mauretta Drage Goanna (Orange, from original print by Beverly Peck Email with your design choice as we cannot make multiple merchandise listings in the Revealed booth, or got to our online shop a
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  • Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest)