Wandjina, Wullamurrungge & Ungud (Cloud And Rain Spirit, Long Neck Turtle & Snake God), 2022


  • 75cm x 86cm
  • 2022
  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • Catalog No: 2254-22-0025

The Wullamurrungge was created by the Wandjina. It’s special because the Wandjina left a gift inside: a skeleton that looks like the Wandjina and the Gyorn Gyorn (Bradshaw people). The law he gave to the people was that before a young boy could eat the turtle, it has to crawl on the back of the person who’s going to eat it. This then satisfies the Wandjina and you’re able to eat it. This Law is passed down from generation to generation. The Ungud (totem) snake is the one that made the rivers and holds Ngarboon (water). If they are disturbed then they will kill whoever disturbs them.