Wandjina (Edna Dale), 2015


  • 42cm x 57cm
  • 2015
  • Silkscreen
  • Catalog No: 2254-15-0772-14/30

Edna Dale has her own distinct style of painting Wandjina, she explains that she “follows her father” (Jack Dale Mengenen (dec)) whom she spent a lot of time sitting with and talking to when he use to paint his country and stories. The elongated figures in this work are typical of Edna’s style. These Wandjina’s belong to Ngarinyin country around Imintji /Bell Gorge (Edna’s ancestral homelands). It is assumed knowledge amongst Ngarinyin people that Wandjina spirits created the land and the law. Respecting the Wandjina spirits means looking after country and living by the moral code or law put in place by Wandjinas. Edna explains that when you do this, “when you live right way, the country will look after you, you will have the food you need and your children will be strong.” The belief in Wandjina’s as having a significant role in creation is shared amongst Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunumbal people. These three language groups also share law ceremonies and their kinship system.