Wandjina and the Kwion, 2021


  • 45cm x 45cm x 3cm
  • 2021
  • Natural pigment on canvas
  • Catalog No: K02381-21
  • The Wanjina is a ancestral spirit who created country, people and animals before turning himself into rock paintings in the North West Kimberly. He is sometimes called the “lightning man” or “rain maker” and every year replenishes the water through making the wet season. He can be vengeful if people break the law, by making savage storms and cyclones. The predominant white colouring on their bodies represents water which is often offset by the use of a red pigment, representing their blood which shows us that they are living.Also depicted within this image are the Kwion. The painting in caves of the Kimberly region often feature Kwion who’s creation is credited to the ancestors or another people. There is also a story that credits a small bird with painting them with its blood. The Kwion often underlays Wandjina Paintings, so it is generally assumed that they are older. When people speak of the Kwion they often say that these figure are an important part of law in the region, telling people how to live, to share food properly and look after each other. They are often depicted along side the Wandjina representing the strong influence of cave painting on Kalumburu artists.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Kira Kiro Artists and Waringarri Arts