Turtle Cushion, 2020


  • 50cm x 44.94cm
  • 2020
  • 100% Cotton, Como 1m x 1.4m highly durable, satin sheen, ae process
  • Catalog No: TT-T-cushion

Turtle Cushions, from an original painting by Tahina Todd. Three in stock for Revealed Market, others made to order, $65ea, excludes insert.

Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest) has some very cool Turtle designs, which we promote for International Turtle Day, and Plastic Free July. We are close to the coast, and always travelling along the coast to where the River meets the Sea, our important places. Now we are seeing opportunities from visitors coming back to our pink lakes, our skywalk and our beautiful national park, but we always want to remind people of the impact of plastics and pollution on precious water creatures.

We don’t mass produce, just a few in the gallery at a time, sewn locally and to order. Our 100% cotton fabrics are sewn avoiding buttons, studs and zips, by using a fold-over with a little more long lasting fabric. There is a choice of four turtle designs in our online booth available sewn or by the metre. The fabric is printed in blocks to make for easy cutting out. You will get three cushions from 1 metre.


100% Cotton Como, 1m x 1.4m highly durable, satin sheen.  The fabrics are digitally printed in Australia by an Australian Ethical supplier (ae) that checks the full supply line.

We accept orders for particular colour ways,  pattern scale and fabrics to purpose eg eco canvas.

We also welcome collaborations and licensing agreements.

At present the Ku’arlu Mangga team manages the whole process in house, so these are the only fabrics with our designs out there. We have been recently featured in See Saw Magazine.

Our garments are not for sale at present – they are the collection made up to launch our fabrics in 2019 (Eco Fashion WA catwalk end 2018) before COVID lockdown and Cyclone Seroja. We are presently preparing to relaunch.