Tjutinypa ~ Club, 2018


  • 650cm x 70cm x 20cm
  • 2018
  • Wanaṟi ~ Mulga Wood
  • Catalog No: 1148-C041B13-18
  • '...tjutinypa panyala kanti tjunkupai, tjutinypanya kiti tjura, kanti. Law, law mulapa. Kuka palyalpai, miru wiyangka.' Tjilpi Pitjantjatjara 'We place a sharp flake of quartz rock in the end of the club after putting on the spinifex resin. There are very real laws associated with this. Clubs are used in hunting and then preparing the meat if there is no knife blade in the spear thrower.' Senior Pitjantjatjara man Tjutinypa are generally made from the hard wood of the mulga tree and are used for hunting, fighting, and as adzing and meat carving tools. They are also used in ceremonies where they are pounded rhythmically on the ground. The shape of a tjutinypa can vary: some are long and tapered at one end; some have large and bulbous heads. Others, particularly from further west in the desert country where they are sometimes known as walayati, can be broad and flat with incised designs. '...Tjutinypa have been around for a long time and they are made by people as they become men. We still have them now : men and their brothers; all our relatives; and we are also experienced in carving them to sell. Alatji - that’s how it is.' Senior Pitjantjatjara man
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