Yamaji Art

Sturt Desert Pea, 2020


  • 76cm x 51cm
  • 2020
  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • Catalog No: 3778104-20/412

There was a couple who were engaged wrong way in the Dreamtime. So they were told to move along out of their original country. They began a journey inland to the desert and from the waterhole from the waterhole they went until there was no more water for them to drink. So the man told his partner to stay where they were til he went back to find water. And before he left her , told her to grab this black pebble  and suck on it to produce fluid in her mouth to survive longer. He went for 3 days and upon his return he couldn’t find her and stressed & worried he looked down to see the Stuart Desert Pea creeped out on the ground in the shape of a woman and the black seed part of the flower is the pebble that the woman kept in her mouth, this Sturt Desert Pea plant/flower represents her.