Special Magic Bird Lady – (102-22), 2022


  • 61cm x 61cm
  • 2022
  • Acrylic On Cotton Canvas
  • Catalog No: 1141-102-22

Ethel tells the story of “how every time they go to this place they give the special (bush) turkey lady a clean, the special rock and build a wind break around it”. The lady is a bird that makes the sound of a bush turkey talking. She talked about how special magic was there, how the heart shape in the rock was returned. The lady and Ethel’s family came from the same country. Ethel believes the lady dropped a little (baby) bird in her yard one day to show that she recognised her as family. The family members Mr Woods (Ethel’s husband), Anawari Mitchell, Jennifer Mitchell and Angilyiya Mitchell know and feel that special magic, it is strong magic in their heart and at this place.Ethel went on to say one day when they went back to Walu, they were singing Tingari song, when someone said “be quiet, someone coming behind”. “I’m here”, said the lady, it came to my father, he talking to that bird, telling it to go home.This is sand hill and spinifex country, some trees.