Spear Hill Dreaming In Texas, 2022


  • 80cm x 80cm
  • 2022
  • Ochre on Canvas
  • Catalog No: 1106-120/22

“Within my artwork I have depicted one of many dreamtime stories that was told to me by my mother & great – grandparents.
The spear shape like figure located within the middle of art piece is what I have described as a hill. – this hill is known as Garlumboony (meaning spear hill).
This is a special dreaming place located within my mother’s country, known as it’s blackfella name “Ngargaroon” (Texas) where long time ago in the Ngarrankarni our Gija people would do trading with the Ocean & sea side tribes for many years. It was on this very hill where the trading between the two tribes would take place – the swap would often be sea shells for spears.
Until one day 2 men from each of the tribe started to argue over their trading, where it ended terribly as one of the men ended up being killed. All of the trading had then stopped completely on top of this now sacred hill was where all the spears + sea shells were dropped + left there.
When I go out to Texas nowadays there is always that chance of driving night along this very hill, and every time passing this hill I always think about those old days + the trading that went on along time ago. My Gullie (great – grandfather) told me “no one not allowed to go up this hill, otherwise big strong wind will blow you away”.