Rimmijbudda (Cloud And Rain Spirit), 2021


  • 45.5cm x 46cm
  • 2021
  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • Catalog No: 2254-21-0191

Rimijbudda is a powerful Wandjina from the Wanumbul country. Gordon Barunga says: “He’s from my mother’s side – Wanumbul, Hunter River, on the sea side from Kalumburu. He’s a thief, steals shells and any sorts of things. Rimij means ‘robs’.” Rimijbudda’s exploits as a thief are part of his identity: he used to take from the other Wandjinas when they were hunting or fishing. He would then run away with their wives. Jugalimurra (another Wanumbul Wandjina) works for Rimijmurra by the sea. As in nearly all depictions of Wandjinas, Jagulimarra and Rimijmurra lack mouths. Pudja (Gordon’s mother) explains that when the Wandjinas send rain, they make the sound of thunder through their nostrils, but they lack mouths so that it won’t rain too hard.