Pinangu, 2022


  • 46cm x 76cm
  • 2022
  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • Catalog No: 1115-22-360

Pinangu is a large claypan and adjacent soak located south east of Nyayartakujarra (Lake Dora). This site lies within Beverley’s ngurra (home Country, camp) through her mother. Pinangu features as a site in the Wati Kujarra (Two Goanna Men) Jukurrpa (Dreaming) narrative. The Wati Kujarra existed as half men, half goanna. They were responsible for the creation of many land features in Martu Country and beyond as they travelled, hunted and burned Country together. Wati Kujarra is a ngurlu (sacred, taboo) men’s story, and for this reason much of the content is only shared with initiated men.During the pujiman (traditional, desert dwelling) period, Martu would traverse very large distances annually in small family groups, moving seasonally from water source to water source, and hunting and gathering bush tucker as they went. At this time knowledge of water sources was critical for survival, and today Martu Country is still defined in terms of the location and type of water. Each of the hundreds of claypans, rockholes, waterholes, soaks and springs found in the Martu desert homelands is known by name, location, quality and seasonal availability through real life experience and the recounting of Jukurrpa narratives.