Patilpa Tjukurpa, 2021


  • 91cm x 91cm
  • 2021
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Catalog No: 21-503

This is the dreamtime story of Patilpa (Port Lincoln ringneck parrot) that lives in the country around Pipalytjara. Wati Minu (a man called Minu) came from the west to Pipalytjara, he was a rainmaker. He hunted all the waru (black footed wallaby) and he got lots. The Patilpa people were hungry and went and stole all the fat Mala, leaving the skinny one’s for Minu. Minu was angry at this and he made clouds and thunder. All the Patilpa were hiding in a cave, but the rain came and washed them all away. They became Chrysoprase a bright green rock that you can find in the hills surrounding Pipalyatjara.