Pali Pali Tjilkar, 2021


  • 60cm x 42cm
  • 2021
  • Ink On Watercolour Paper
  • Catalog No: 2247-149-21

Mathew has painted his father’s country a long way south of Balgo, west of Jupiter Well in Pintupi country. This Tjukurrpa (dreaming) was given to Mathew by his father when he was a young man, he learned from the old people through stories and ceremony. This painting depicted the Tingarri Men (important creation dreaming) as they traveled from Jiggalong to Kiwirrkurra, Wilkinkarra and Tjikarri. Pali Pali is about people standing on someones back while they are dancing. Mathew says his culture is important, and you have to take it seriously, not get distracted by bad things like grog and drugs.