On Country with Nana and Aunty, 2021


  • 57cm x 38cm x cm
  • 2021
  • Linoleum colour block print on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • Catalog No: MG-2021-05
  • In this piece Marrika explored her theme of urban/on country identity and used earlier carvings of Nana Colleen's (bush onion, quandong) and aunty Mauretta's (bush banana) to reflect her learning journey on Country with her elders, including the Wiginthar-apa (talking about water) project with AACHWA inn 2018, in which Marrika participated in filming on Country. Marrika was also Ku'arlu Mangga's (Good Nest) lead model in 2018 Eco  Fashion launch of fabrics made with cultural designs. Her work explores the complexity of and strength from intergenerational learning. Marrika has three works, "Girl on Country" in the Revealed Exhibition this year, and these works are all from a larger body of work learning techniques and developing her theme. This work "On country..." is her largest work to date and we are excited to see how her work progresses. The print is mount framed with a light natural timber. We can deliver locally (Mid West towns and Perth) but are not able to post this work. Please email if you would like to make an arrangement. Artists  own proof.  
  • Prints on paper
  • Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest)