Ngamoowalem, 2018


  • 76cm x 76cm x 3cm
  • 2018
  • Natural pigment on canvas stretched over pine frame
  • Catalog No: 5728-18
  • The painting is a story between the 40' and 50's at Ivanhoe Station or Ngamoowalem. Which elders have past on too us so we can use the country. The hill on top of the painting shows springs that are very special to us, including the Boab trees and other trees within the painting. The little hill near the Billabong is where Durrack built their houses and lived there throughout the 30's and 40's. This was an old station where my mother and Father grew up. They use to dance corroborree every night and fish in the billabong for long neck turtles. In those days there was only one road between Wyndham and Darwin, now things have changed. That's all I'd like to indicate, as the country is still my home and home for all of us.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Kira Kiro Artists and Waringarri Arts