My Grandfather Story, 2020


  • 90cm x 120cm
  • 2020
  • Ochre on Canvas
  • Catalog No: 1106-217/20

This painting is for my grandfather Sally Malay. Sally’s father was an Afghan man, his mother, Juna, a Gija woman. Sally was born on Weeindoo (Green Vale station) 12kms from where the Nickel Mine is today. The 4 circles represent Warmun and 3 Pastoral Leases, Mabel Downs, Gooroomul (Violet Valley) and Gudbahilunn (old Bedford Downs station).When Sally was 5 his mum had no choice but to leave him because he was half caste and the authorities were looking for him. Juna didn’t want Sally to be taken a long way from his country and family so she put him to sleep where he would be found by the mail man on the route from Warmun to Gudbahilunn. The mail man, a white man name Crowla, picked Sally up and took him to Gudbahilunn (old Bedford Downs station) the station manager Paddy Quilty took Sally in and raised him. When Sally came of age he went looking for his mum and family. Sally found his mum and family and took them back to Gudbahilunn.