Mum Fishing, 2021


  • 38cm x 57cm
  • 2021
  • Linoleum colour block print on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • Catalog No: MD02

Mum Fishing at Paradise. / Wika – flashes in the river 38cm h x 57cm w  $200

Colleen’s story

At the camp we lived off the land, kangaroo, and fish. We ate fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that’s how much fish was in that river. Mum used to get up daybreak, Dad would light the fire. Mum would go fishing. She could catch a bucket of fish, and that would last us for a couple of days. Nothing was wasted, we ate everything. We used everything. (Colleen’s Mum, Mauretta’s Grandmother, Marrika’s great grandmother) In these lino cut relief prints, Mauretta is re-exploring her Wika art work and trying to capture the movement, of the fish in the water, in the lively stories she has grown up with and revisited in recent years with her mother, grandfather and many youth whom she has been teaching art. These prints are pressed to the edge and signed on reverse

The torn edges on this archive quality rag paper the print bleeding to the edge make it perfect for float framing technique, where the paper is proud on the mount, so the paper is enjoyed as well as the image