Lily Leaves – Gidgi Marra Spring, 2021


  • 28cm x 38cm x cm
  • 2021
  • Linoleum black and white block print on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • Catalog No: CD
  • This print has sold, but we can print more after Easter if you are willing to wait for the next edition.   Black and white Linoleum cut relief, Jigsaw method, 250msg rag paper. Unframed. Edition 1/5 The print area is 30cm x 30cm, printed on a rectangle of  38cm x 57cm. The purchaser has a choice of  mount or float framing in a square or rectangle. From a set of three prints developing a body of work around an important spring all but lost on the Kalbarri Foreshore that was an important source of water for Nhanda People.

    "Gidji Marra  Spring I can remember when I was a little girl.

    From 9 to 13, I can remember going to Gidgi Marra. We used to fill up a couple of ten gallon drums with water for Dad. We’d use an enamel mug and a billy can made from an empty fruit  tin. We used to clear the water lily leaves away with our hands and then dip the mug in to get the water to fill up the drum. We had to remove the leaves carefully. We weren’t allowed to damage them.

    We used empty fruit tins as our mugs- we didn’t have enough enamel mugs.

    I’d take the water bags off the car and fill them up too, and put them back on the vehicle. The vehicle was Dad’s old Holden ute.

    Whatever we could put water in, we’d put water in, and take it back to the camp. Dad used to put the drum down and tell us to half fill it and then he’d put it on the back of the car while he could still lift it. Then we’d keep filling up while it was on the ute.

    The Camp was at Paradise. The family camped there:Mum , Dad, brothers and sister, aunties and uncles. That was most weekends, as soon as school came out at Ajana.

    That water was used for cooking and drinking."

    Extract from Colleens "River Stories". Price includes Prints  posted unframed in Australia Post tubes.
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