Kunawarritji, 2022


  • 91.4cm x 61cm
  • 2022
  • Acrylic On Linen
  • Catalog No: 2247-88-22

Jane has painted her mother’s traditional country, and the place in which she and her sisters grew up – Kunawarritji. The red and orange curved shapes represent the tali (sanddunes) they passed through on their way to the next water hole. The water holes are represented by the white outlined circles shown diagonally across the painting. “They used to travel from water hole to water hole looking for mangarri (bush tucker).” The mangarri they would find is depicted through the black and yellow dot work around the waterholes, with the black dots representing native grass seeds which would be ground to make damper and the yellow dots representing kumpupatja (bush tomatoes).