Kilinkarra, 2021


  • 120cm x 80cm x cm
  • 2021
  • acrylic on linen
  • Catalog No: 2247-44-21
  • Rena has painted her grandfather's country named Kilinkarra. There is plenty of bush food in this region some of which are depicted here, these include karnti (bush potato), kumpupatja (bush tomato), kunandra (bush beans), ngarukurru (bush coconut), kulipi (bush banana), tjurnta (bush onions) and latju (witchetty grubs). The central circle is the main rock hole in the area - a source of life. The surrounding circles indicate the camps which people stayed. The smaller circles and the U shapes represent the women digging for these foods.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)