Karku, 2020


  • 55.9cm x 91.4cm x cm
  • 2020
  • acrylic-on-canvas
  • Catalog No: 20-808KA
  • Mary was born bush way at Kuluwarri, west of Kulkurda. As a child she lived in the bush with her family, walking huge distances across the desert. Mary’s in depth knowledge of the sand hills, clay pans and rock holes of her country are represented with bold lines and detailed dot work in her traditional style paintings.This painting depicts Karku, Mary’s mother’s country. There is a puli (big hill) and many tali (sandhills) at Karku. Nestled in the hill is a rockhole where the people of the Tingarri (dreaming) collected fresh water. Mary steadily works her away across the canvas, repeating motifs that are part of a visual language unique to the Western Desert, to allow for a continuation of traditional forms and stories.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Tjarlirli Art