Kapi Tjukurla, Tjukurla Rock Holes – 146-21, 2021


  • 76cm x 101cm
  • 2021
  • Acrylic On Cotton Canvas
  • Catalog No: 1141-146-21

Kapi Tjukurla is a sacred women’s site where the sisters came to drink water from the rock hole. Knowledge of where to find Kapi Tjukurla was handed down through generations as it is a significant source in times of drought. The kapi across the lands vary in size from as large as a car to as small as a deep kitchen sink. They can be found buried in the flat rock surface on the ground, at the bottom of a waterfall or among the ranges where there is an expanse of flat rock surface. Yarnangu kept these rock holes clear of dirt build up, dead animals and debris so the water can remain drinkable. These rock holes are still only used specifically for drinking and cooking when people go out on country.  The circles in the painting represent Kapi Tjukurla. The lines connecting the circles are the creeks, streams or paths the water takes when it rains.