Jilinybeng-Bush Cucumber, 2022


  • 76cm x 76cm
  • 2022
  • Natural Ochre And Pigment On Canvas
  • Catalog No: 2217-6073-22

In this artwork Peggy has depicted a bush tucker known as “bush cucumber”. This plant grows as a vine and you have to search for it amongst the grasses. Typical of the artist’s recent work the background is flecked with strokes of paint representing the spinifex and grasses being blown by the wind. For the artist this movement of the grasses as the wind blows across the country is evidence that the spirit of culture is alive because “you can see it.” The bush lemon fruit is a grey/green colour that ripens in the wet season and is collected either from the vine directly or on the ground where the fruit has dropped. “This fruit can be eaten when both raw and ripe but if you eat too much it makes your tongue bright red and hurts your lips.”