Jigal leaf and helicopter pod on silk 2m, 2016


  • 2016
  • Screenprinted silk
  • Catalog No: n/a

The late Mrs C. Djiagween was an esteemed Jabirr Jabirr and
Yawuru Elder from The Dampier Peninsula and Broome region.
Born in Beagle Bay in 1936, she lived in Broome for many years.
Mrs. C had a wealth of cultural knowledge that she shared with
her fellow artists and colleagues in her gentle way. She was a
founding member of Nagula Jarndu and attended art classes and
workshops to develop her skills as an artist. She was influenced by
the abundance of Broome’s native flora. With her family’s permission,
we are happy to continue to celebrate her life through her art.

The Jigal Tree is a common feature of the Kimberley with stunning
pinky- red flowers and a rough dark grey bark. The tree flowers during
Barrgana season and the nectar is sucked from the blooms. It has a
sweet, edible gum and provides excellent smokeless firewood. The
Jigal is so called because its leaves face back to back as in the term jigal,
used to describe the (avoidance) relationship between son-in-law and
mother-in-law in Kimberley Aboriginal culture.
2m length x 1.37 width
On ‘petrol’ silk dupion