Honouring my Grandmother, 2022


  • 75cm x 0.5cm x 75cm
  • 2022
  • Acrylic
  • Catalog No: 22-23

As a little girl I remember going out bush with nana, she taught me how to dig for honey ants, look for bush Tucker. Today I know I will never starve in the bush because I know what to look for if I ever got lost. My children never really got to know her as I did because she sadly passed away from Alzheimers when they were just little kids. I miss her everyday and hope that in some way that my kids can feel connected to her through my story telling and through my art. In this painting nana is in the centre of the painting surrounded by all of her granddaughters, our minds were like sponges taking in everything she taught us, listening to her, learning from her.. We used to follow her while she walked with the crowbar in her arms behind her back. We would often watch and help her dig for goanna’s, honey ants, bardies and depending on the season we would gather Kulkula and Quandongs.. I miss being a kid and spending time with all my grandparents I actually feel very emotional as I write this..