Healing Pool, 2021


  • 30cm x 30cm x cm
  • 2021
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Catalog No: 2222-21-5
  • This painting depicts the healing pool of my home country where I grew up and where my children grew up. The healing pool is a natural saltwater spring that never dries up. It is positioned in the middle of Salt Lake country where my people have utilised the healing waters for healing purposes manly for troublesome skin conditions for many years. It is believed that the healing pool is protected by the Wunapi meaning Rainbow serpent in Wongutha language. The Wunapi is one of the most powerful forces of nature and spirits in Aboriginal culture. It is the giver of life the creator of land, water holes, creeks, rivers and gorges but most of all he is protector of water. When people gather at swimming holes it is custom practice that they pay great respect to the Wunapi especially if they are new to the area. They will sing out the Spirit from a distance, letting the wunapi know that they are coming to the waterhole, they must let him know what their intentions are, that they recognise his power, and that they intend to bring no harm or wrong doing. By singing out to him, the Wunapi can hear that they have knowledge of the place, to this day it is custom practice that the people will take a handful of the earth and throw it into the water, to give respect and acknowledgment. Once the people have payed respect to the land and the Wunapi they can approach the waterhole without fear.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Tjukurba Art Gallery