Goanna, 2020


  • 57cm x 75cm
  • 2020
  • Linoleum colour block print on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • Catalog No: BP-3

Goanna, black and white, lino cut relief print. From an edition of 10 ,1st state,

Beverely and Leanne like making goanna prints together inn the Ku’alru Mangga studio. These prints we made with Beverly telling us the story of going out early in the morning with the old Nanas when she lived on the  mission, then making a fire and cooking the goanna on the coals. “Yummy yummy”. Its always lively in the art room when Beverly is there to tell us stories, and we even made a little film of it.

57cm x 75cm

Edition Register Reference: BP4

Black and White, solid black body

All prints are oil based ink on 300gsm Sumerset Satin paper.

Prices are for unframed prints to be delivered/posted in tubes. Reduced price for Revealed Market only

These larger prints cost a little more because of their size but they repay with drama and detail. They are expressive and engaging, perfect anywhere you want good conversation to flow.

The black and white print is priced a little lower than the two tone colour prints with plate manipulation. They make a great set, or individual feature pieces.

Black and white prints are a great way to build up a collection affordably as you can put many styles together effectively.