Giclee Art Print by Tootsie Daniels, 2022


  • 2022
  • Giclee Art Print
  • Catalog No: NA

Giclee Art Print based on an original artwork by Tootsie Daniels called Many Rivers.

A respected Elder and holder of Yindjibarndi cultural knowledge from the tableland, Millstream way, Tootsie Daniels is a committed contributor to the Roebourne community. She has a Graduate Diploma in Aboriginal Community Development from Curtin University, and is involved in video and performance arts, often travelling to Perth and interstate. She began painting ten years ago as a means of healing after the death of her son, painting our Yindjibarndi stories, and our plants and seasons: for instance, Big Yundi is a story about rain, Widwij is the wind, Ganajii is thunder. Her work has been included in many Perth-based exhibitions. Tootsie is among those who created the Nyinyart Yinda Water Arts, Language and Cultural Futures Project and the innovative intergenerational Juluwarlu Art Group.

Details and Care Instructions:  Archival prints of original artworks printed with pigment inks (not dyes) onto top-quality rag paper and are guaranteed to last up to 100 years, however it is recommended that NO artwork be placed in direct sunlight. Editions of 100 and embossed with the Juluwarlu Art Group logo.

Print Size: 38 x 29.5cm