Four Wandjina, 2018


  • 47cm x 47cm x 0cm
  • 2018
  • acrylic on unstretched canvas
  • Catalog No: 18-467
  • These land Wandjina are waking up and looking out. That’s how they get together: they have a meeting, get together, set the rules and law down. Wurdoo, it is bringing us out to carry it on. It’s their law we are doing that today with our children. In the story, they’re coming out, I always see them when I come out to this country, I feel it. They are very strong, they speak to me in their way. They are very spiritual Wandjinas. What I’m painting is what I’m feeling inside, it’s strong. They’re from Freshwater Cove, coming up from Cone Bay: my granny's and grandfather’s country. I felt them when I went to Freshwater Cove. They are real In me. They learn all the law. Today we are teaching the children, they grow up and keep the same law. When you’re in town, out of respect you can’t go into another person’s home. In that same way we've got to respect the law.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre