Family Journey – Print on Stretched Canvas, 2021


  • 60cm x 60cm
  • 2021
  • Print on Stretched Canvas
  • Catalog No: 50

Stretched Canvas Print and ready to hang 60 x 60cm.  Family Journey represents Family travelling around beautiful places in the Kimberley. It’s full of colour to represent the richness of culture and the Kimberley scenery. The Kimberley has amazing places to visit and unwind to connect to nature and spend time with family and friends. Having a journey to these places lets you connect with mother natures and leaves you with a strong liyan (inner feeling).  The stretched canvas print will not have the black border, the painting will cover the whole area.  The artwork will be shipped to you and ready to hang instantly.

If I don’t have the size you want, please send me a message for a quote as I can do many custom sizes to suit your space.