Family Journey – Fine Art Print, 2021


  • 30cm x 29.99cm
  • 2021
  • Fine Art Print
  • Catalog No: 7

Fine Art Print 30 x 30cm.  Family Journey represents Family travelling around beautiful places in the Kimberley. It’s full of colour to represent the richness of culture and the Kimberley scenery. The Kimberley has amazing places to visit and unwind to connect to nature and spend time with family and friends. Having a journey to these places lets you connect with mother natures and leaves you with a strong liyan (inner feeling).

All fine art paper and un-stretched prints include a 5cm border. A 30cm x 30cm print will give you an actual image of 20cm x 20cm. A 40cm x 40cm print will give you an actual image of 30cm x 30cm and so on.   On my website you have the option to have certain prints framed behind glass also options on canvas unstretched or stretched.  Can do many different sizes to suit your space.