Dog Dreaming, 2022


  • 91.4cm x 61cm
  • 2022
  • Acrylic On Linen
  • Catalog No: 2247-169-22

This painting depicts Jeanie’s Grandfathers’ Dog Dreaming story as evidenced predominantly by the 6 black canine paw prints. Jeanie’s Grandfather was born in the bush under a gum tree in the country south of Yagga Yagga in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. He walked with his daughter Sarah Daniels, a well known painter for Warlayirti and Jeanie’s mother, to Yuendumu and much later passed this story on to Jeanie. The two small black U shapes with single lines in front of them symbolise the impression of a backside in the sand with outstretched legs in front. These seated figures represent brothers from the skin group Tjungurrai sitting around near some rocks (depicted by the brown circles). The two brothers were singing out for the big dog saying “We got to go!”, wanting it to follow. The dog replied it was not going anywhere and started drinking water from the waterhole (the blue oval shape). The men then speared it while it was drinking and chased it round and round into the cave (the large black U shape). The black lines around the cave depict spears used to kill the big dog.