Dayiwul Ngarranggarni – Geraldine Bedford, 2022


  • 120cm x 90cm
  • 2022
  • Catalog No: 1106-40/22

Geraldine’s aunty Lena Nyadbi told her this story and now Geraldine is the custodian.
Women travelled up river placing a spinifex net across the water to catch Dayiwul (Barramundi). Halfway to Gawinji the women stopped and left the net at this place; it turned to stone. This place was destroyed when the Argyle Diamond Mine was first cut. Nyadbi says there was a soak where Gija people used to dig down into the ground for water when other waterholes had dried up. The diamonds mined today are the scales of the barramundi who jumped through the range to escape capture. She saw the net they had placed in the river and jumped over it. These sites have been destroyed by the pit of the mine.
Bedford has made this work to remember the country before the mine and to pass these stories and history on to her children and grandchildren.