Boat and Tree on Country, 2021


  • 28cm x 17cm x cm
  • 2021
  • Watercolour monotype print on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • Catalog No: MG-2021-04
  • Artists own proof. Unframed. Watercolour Monotype, on rag paper, unframed Hand painted on polyethylene plate, printed on damp rag paper. This small print has a more delicate  quality, when Marrika is thinking about her time on Country. It is from a body of work exploring identity living an urban life and learning Country with family. Marrika's "Girl on Country series (here in the Market and in the Revealed Exhibition) have very strong colours and a confident style. This print is the start of a body of new work which has a more whimsical quality "like a daydream" away from Country. Price includes Prints  posted unframed in Australia Post tubes.
  • Prints on paper
  • Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest)