Bardi Grub, 2020


  • 40cm x 40cm x cm
  • 2020
  • Linoleum brown and white block print on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • Catalog No: BP-Bardi Grub br sq
  • Linoleum black and white block print on 250gsm Somerset Satin Bibbyjelly: Artists Statement: When I was a little girl growing up on the Glen Station, one of the old nanas, used to take me hunting for bush food, taught me about Bibbyjelly, to dig and collect as many in a billy can, then make a little fireplace, then cook them on the coals or eat them raw. They were sweet and crunchy. In these prints, Leanne is developing her memory of the bibbyjelly from the final  cut relief black and white print, through to a deeper memory with artist made colour. The final colour print is blind embossed (a wet process), then the colour is hand painted on with artist made colour. It is a painstaking multistep process with several different pieces for the blind embossing. The final works are for sale through the Revealed Exhibition, on the wall at Fremantle Art Centre. The black and white bush food prints such as Bibbyjelly hang well as a set of black and white prints, or as a set with the final works in the series. email if you would like to discuss a set purchase. Price includes Prints  posted unframed in Australia Post tubes.
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  • Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest)