Arulya, 2020


  • 60cm x 60cm x cm
  • 2020
  • Catalog No: 1148-x2247-20
  • There are two Tjukurpa (Dreaming stories) for the place called Arulya. It is a beautiful place with a cave called Kuruyiti.

    According to one story, some children are hiding in the cave because there is a big rain coming. Their big brother is waiting outside, eating and sleeping, but he will not come inside. When the storm comes, the hail stones come down hard and they kill the big brother, as he is not protected. This is a creation story - it has affected the landscape. You can see this cave when you visit the site.

    Another creation story from this place is about the Wati Tjakura (an edible skink lizard). The Wal Mala (army of male snakes) and the Wati Wanampi (male water snake) from a waterhole site known as Malara came together in battle and threw spears at Wati Tjakura. He tried to escape but they killed him, and his family came down to bury him.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Maruku Arts and Crafts