Allery Sandy, 2021


  • 61.5cm x 92cm x cm
  • 2021
  • Painting on canvas
  • Catalog No: 5648
  • Sturt Pea,Mulla Mulla . This is the Fortescue Mulla Mulla, Gumbarli in Yindjibarndi language. The flower is a purplish colour. Not a bush medicine, just a flower that grows in the country, in lines along the roads, everywhere. In this painting, the seeds of the Mulla Mulla are all blowing out. Once the leaves and petals have fallen off the seeds are blown all through the land to bring flowers again next year. The Sturt Pea has a vibrant red flower with a black centre piece.It has a succulent sweet juice that can be eaten.
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  • Yinjaa Barni Artists