Desert Wildflowers (colourful) – Print on Stretched Canvas, 2022


  • 51cm x 120cm
  • 2022
  • Print on Stretched Canvas
  • Catalog No: 98

Stretched canvas print 120cm x 51cm will be ready to hang immediately.

One of my mothers first memories of growing up begins around Ooldea/Oak Valley on Kokatha Country on the Farwest Coast of South Australia. My mother was born at Koonibba Mission on Wirangu Country near Ceduna where the Wirangu, Kokatha and Mirning Aborigines were resettled due to Government policies of colonisation . My mother was adopted by her Grandmother and her husband. They were rabbit trappers who did this a living. My mother remembers how her Grandmother had enamel dishes of wildflowers growing, that they took to various camping places where they were rabbit trapping. My mother remembers all of the bush tucker they collected and how the yams were identified on the ground by their violet flowers. My Great grandmother loved all wildflowers and so does my mother. My mother and Great grandmother were always surrounded by wildflowers. The wildflowers brought so much joy and showed food sources. I love painting the Desert Wildflowers as its brings so much happiness.

Please message me if you want a different size.