Yanjimi Peter Rowlands

Spinifex Hill Studios

Yanjimi was born at Kaalpa (Well 23 on the Canning Stock Route) in the 1940s. As a young boy, he lived the pujiman (nomadic desert dwelling) lifestyle, travelling with his family between his mother’s and father’s Country, encompassing the area around Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) and Wirnpa. Subsequent to the death of his grandmother, his family moved to Jigalong Mission. Their relocation followed the movement of many Martu families coming in from the desert, precipitated by the dual effects of an extreme and prolonged drought, and increasing contact with European drovers following the construction of the Canning Stock Route. 

Yanjimi met his nyupa (spouse), Thelma Judson, at Jigalong. Together, the couple worked on several cattle stations after leaving Jigalong until the Return to Country movement of the 1980s, when they moved to the newly created Parnngurr Aboriginal Community. They continued to live here, raising their family, until recent health complications forced Yanjimi to move to Port Hedland. 

Yanjimi paints his ngurra (home country) around the areas of Kaalpa, Kartarru, Kumpupirntily and Wantili.