Vincent Nanala

Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)

Vincent Nanala is the son of reknowned Warlayirti Artists Ningie Nanala and Tjumpo Tjapanangka (c.1929-2007). He paints in the Pintupi style of art characterized by strong line work and a minimal palette. He learned this optical painting style from his father Tjumpo and his brother, well-known Papunya Tula artist, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri.

Vincent completed his schooling in Balgo and has lived there most of his life, although he travels to Kiwirrkurra regularly to visit families. Vincent works at the Balgo Community Store and paints at the art centre on his days off. The Country Vincent paints is far south of Balgo near Lake Mackay, it’s called Ngukanpalikarr, snake Tjukurrpa (creation stories and lore). Vincent’s father built a well on this Country so families could regularly visit and look after it. Vincent has two daughters and three grandsons.