Tyrown Waigana

Crawlin Crocodile

My name is Tyrown Waigana I am Wandandi Noongar (Aboriginal) and Ait Koedhal (Torres Strait Islander) multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer. My practice includes painting, illustration, sculpture, animation and graphic design.

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graphic designer many of my clients approach me for high quality, culturally appropriate and indigenous centred design.  A few of my clients are Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia, Australian National University, First Nations Justice Campaign and many more. My biggest accomplishment in this discipline was winning the 2020 NAIDOC poster competition.

My paintings and sculpture are about expressing myself freely. These works are expressive and abstract pieces that explores fantasy and surreal concepts. I have had pieces featured in Fremantle Art Centers Revealed Exhibition 2019 where my painting sold to Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries (WA) Collection.

The animations and illustration begin to delve my desire to tell a story. My animations are short clips that looks at observational, satirical, puns and surreal humour. Illustration allows me to create comic and picture books. I am in the process of publishing my first comic book ‘The Rest Of Your Lifes Gonna Be Shit.’