Terry Murray

Mangkaja Arts

My Name is  Murungkurr Terry Murray and i am a Walmajarri Man. I lived on Cherrabun Station in a tin shelter. His family had no vehicle so they went hunting on foot. Murungkurr has a strong grounding in bush skills which he learnt from his parents.

He paints his jaja [grandfather] and japi’s [grandmother’s] country, called Wirnpa and Japingka. It is the southwestern side of the Great Sandy Desert. This is jila [permanent waterhole] country. His mother and brothers lived around there when they were kids.

Murungkurr has strong family connections to a significant group of Mangkaja artists and knows his law and family relationships through his skin group. He explains, “Our culture is an everyday learning thing. I grew up with this. You have to have a strong mind and strong spirit and soul and always listen to your elders”.




Jiljis [sanddunes] from the Great Sandy Desert

Jili [permanent waterhole] from the Great Sandy Desert

Family history