Shontae Charles

Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre

Shontae Charles was born in Derby in the West Kimberley of Western Australia. She is a young Worrorra and Nykina woman who was grown-up by elder and lawman Donny Woolagoodja and Mildred Mungulu, both renowned artists. Her childhood was therefore rich with stories and culture and learning about Country, and watching her extended family painting.

Shontae paints the traditional Wandjina stories learnt in her childhood but fills her work with a youthful boldness and simplicity.

In addition to her painting, Shontae works at Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre, and enjoys educating visitors about her Country and Wandjina culture.

Since 2015 Shontae has been involved in the Puliima Language course coordinated by Melbourne University; Charles Darwin University; University of Western Australia, and the Batchelor Institute.