Shirley Yoomarie

Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)

Shirley spent her early years at Sturt Creek before she was taken to Old Balgo Mission. She has lived all of her life between the communities of Balgo, Mulan, and Billiluna, and has been deeply active in many community roles in Mulan.

She has also been an active collaborator and consultant for academics and throughout the late 00’s worked closely with academics compiling an extensive study of the Walmajarri names for bush foods and medicines found in the Sturt Creek/Paruku region.

Shirley depicts stories of country and describes themes about bush foods (bush Potatoes and bush tomatoes). Shirley uses a style of vivid colours and thick dots. She also paints Sturt Creek story, which was given to her by her Uncle.

“When I paint I pass it to my grandchildren, my grandchildren, my sisters and brothers.”