Sheryl Hicks

Yinjaa Barni Artists

Sheryl Hicks is the daughter of Robert Hicks and she was born in Wickham in 1974. She grew up in Perth with her non-aboriginal mother, Ruth Lutter, and her brother Junior Bob. She spent most of her early years in Perth returning to Roebourne when she was 18 years old. She has a family of two daughters, Treinaya and Cheyenne Phillips, three sons Shequarne, Tyrheece and Draecus Hicks. In 1994 she worked at the college in Roebourne, Minurmargali Mia.
She then decided to move to Perth to study at Murdoch University to become a teacher. She moved back to Roebourne to work as a teacher in the school. She has now taught in Perth, Newman and Wickham. Sheryl began experimenting with art three years ago. She first became interested as a way of expressing her culture and experiences as an aboriginal woman. Her painting style is unique to her personal experiences and interpretations.