Sharlene Phillips

Spinifex Hill Studios

I was born in Derby, Western Australia, originally from Broome. Spent some years in Derby as the family moved from Broome.

In my teens I also lived in Bidyadanga. I am a Karajarri from my mother’s side, and an Kurama / Ngarluma from my father’s side. My Father is from the Mardawardu tribe.

I recently moved from where I lived in Katherine Northern Territory for 11 years. I have moved to Port Hedland together with my partner and three children and settle well in Port Hedland.

I love working at Spinifex Hill Studio, hearing the artists tell their stories, especially from the old people. I love seeing smiles from the artists when their work is finished or when they win an award.

Here [at Spinifex Hill Studio] I also found that I am related to some of the artists. In the past Months I have recently taken up photography.

On my spare time I’m always taking photos of my family on our outings whether it’s fishing, camping, down at the beach or at the park capturing those special moments.