Ruth Fatt

Ninuku Arts

Ruth Fatt was born in 1959, near Granites in the Northern Territory. During her younger years it was common for families to spend most of their time out bush, living in ‘wiltjas’ (traditional shelters). Families would also occasionally travel into communities for work. For this reason, when Ruth was growing up she spent much time in the APY Lands, and particularly around the communities of Pukatja and Fregon.

Early on in her adult life, she married and moved to Coober Pedy, where she continued to live for many years. She raised four children in Coober Pedy as well as worked in the opal mines. Upon the passing of her husband, she returned to the APY Lands, settling into the community of Kanpi. It was in Kanpi where Ruth met her second husband, David Miller.

Ruth has been painting for many years, with her works often depicting her connection to country. She is also known for her paintings of ‘tjukurpa’ (traditional stories), including the Seven Sisters Dreamtime story, ‘Kungkarrakalpa Tjukurpa’. Today Ruth and her husband, David, live in Pipalyatjara and are both prominent artists at the Ninuku Art Centre in Kalka.