Mangkaja Arts

Rukaji Designs is a family run small business; the Nargoodah family and their extended family members are working together in their home community of Jimbalakundunj to create beautiful hand made textiles including scarves, table cloths and jewelry items.  Using experimental new techniques, dyes are foraged from around the community including bark, puff mushroom, onion-skin, rust, turmeric, beetroot, leaves and other materials from the natural environment. 


Jimbalakundunj is a very small and fragile community with about 20 inhabitants. This small business is integral to the social economy and self-determination of these entrepreneurial women who have self funded and developed their own studio in community. Each piece is unique, reflecting the natural process, taking on the characteristics of the landscape.  When you purchase Rukaji, you are supporting an independently owned and run Aboriginal business, one that is self directed and evolves from a place of individuality and freedom.

 These scarves come in a range of sizes to suit every taste and price point. They are 100% silk dipped in natural dyes collected from the bush medicine plants. They are individually wrapped and hand dyed with no two prints the same. Supporting intergenerational learning and enterprise, Eva and Jonian Nargoodah lead their younger family members to create one- off unique pieces of art on silk.


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